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Opportunity for MSP projects

Assessing the Impact of the MSPs: K-8 Science (AIM) is currently seeking MSP projects to participate a study intended to add to the field’s understanding of the efficacy of different professional development strategies. By participating in the AIM study, MSP projects will be provided with data that may help them fulfill their evaluation requirements, potentially allowing them to redirect evaluation funds to other purposes.

AIM has developed instruments and is collecting data in four content areas: Evolution and Diversity; Force and Motion; Populations and Ecosystems; and Properties of and Changes in Matter. Component 1 of AIM investigates the relative impact of different approaches to professional development and on teacher content knowledge. Component 2 extends the work to explore the relationships among teacher content knowledge, classroom practices, and student achievement.

Projects can participate in either or both components of the study, in one or more content areas. Participating projects will receive their data from the AIM instruments to use in their own research/evaluation. For Component 1, projects will receive teacher pre- and post-PD content assessment scores. For Component 2, projects will receive teacher content assessment scores, teacher questionnaire data, and student pre- and post-instruction assessment scores.

In addition, AIM has developed professional development and classroom instructional materials for elementary teachers on the topic of force and motion. AIM piloted these materials this past year and is seeking partners for a field test.

To learn more about the project, please visit our website: If you are interested in learning more about the field test or have any other questions, please email us at